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The Cyber Support team’s technical remediation and support activities

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Our method to enhancing cyber health. Step one: cyber briefing and team intro (1 hour). Step 2 cyber workshop (1 day). Step 3 window of elapsed time to agree enhancements with the cyber team (around 10 days). Step 4 change approval and implement enhancements.

During the cyber security discovery last year, we identified five areas of opportunity for MHCLG to support councils in improving their cyber health. One of these areas was technical remediation: providing support to councils identified through the survey on mitigating …

Creating a more flexible funding model for the Local Digital Fund

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Since 2018, the Local Digital Collaboration Unit (LDCU) has funded 35 projects through multiple phases of work and across five rounds of funding - including our relatively recent C-19 Challenge. Through the Local Digital Fund, we’ve given out nearly £5 …