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  1. Comment by Prof Flora Samuel posted on

    We at the University of Reading have just been awarded £900K funding by the Arts and Humanities Research Council to develop pilot map based engagement formats for community consultation, face to face and digital across the UK. We are working with the Quality of Life Foundation, Commonplace and the Universities of Cardiff, Ulster and Edinburgh and multiple industry and policy partners. There appears to be considerable potential for crossover between what we are doing and what is proposed here so please do get in touch if you are interested in collaboration.

  2. Comment by Michael Edwards (web editor) posted on

    Community and grassroots organisations take rather a dim view of this scheme being limited to local authorities ! If the aim is better engagement of citizens with the planning process, and given the lack of funding among community organisations, how about a funding stream for experiments driven from the bottom up?
    [writing on behalf of]

  3. Comment by Rosie Pearson posted on

    How will you be engaging with communities and residents to ensure that digitalisation of the planning system works for them? I am fully in favour of planning moving out of the dark ages, away from pdfs, and becoming more accessible BUT I am worried that MHCLG will not make sure that changes work for normal human beings. I have personal experience of the local plan system via a local campaign group and, as Chairman of the Community Planning Alliance, founded in March and with 492 community groups signed up to our map all over the UK, I am happy to propose that we help you with community testing. Going digital is great, but essential to get it right.