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Helping local government to share events

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We know that there is a wealth of knowledge being shared by local authorities at events across the country. And it’s part of our mission, as outlined in the Local Digital Declaration, to support this sharing of knowledge and enable greater collaboration between local authorities. So, we’ve created a new service on our website to allow local digital organisers to share their events in a central hub.

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Does your event qualify for the calendar?

Generally, anything that helps local authorities to implement the Declaration should qualify. We’re looking for events that meet the following criteria. They:

  • must have a digital element, aiming to network digital and policy teams (like OneTeamGov meet-ups)
  • must be free to public sector
  • need to have public sector or not-for-profit co-sponsor or owner
  • could be for specific digital professional groups, like service designers, delivery managers and user researchers
  • could be about how to drive digital behaviours or better use of data and technology in specific (non-technical) service areas, like planning, housing or adult social care
  • could aim to better network digital companies and councils

How the event service works

The events section of our website has two pages:

  1. the events listing page, where users can find events that they may want to attend. It can be filtered by location, type and month.
  2. the events submission form, for users to submit their events to appear on the listing

Screenshot of event submission form

To share an event on our listing simply fill in the online form. It will be sent to the Local Digital Team, who will review it. We’re mainly sense-checking it to ensure it’s appropriate for the listing and has all the information required. Once we approve the event it will appear on our listing page.

What’s next?

We hope the service will be embraced by our local government colleagues and will help facilitate the sharing of knowledge and digital best practice, as this is a key part of our mission.

As we’re an agile team, we know the events service is not done or perfect. We’re always looking for new ways to learn and improve, to ensure we’re meeting the needs of our users. So, if you have any feedback on the events service please let us know by emailing us at

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